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Brand worlds

People think three-dimensional, but because of limitations in the media they have always had to communicate in the 2D area. First on paper, later through radio (although stereo sound and surround sound comes close to a 3D approach), and later in image through TV. Even the web today is as two-dimensional as it could be. Even interactive virtual worlds we sometimes call 3D internet, are actually just two-dimensional. After all, if we look at our screen from a different angle, we still see exactly the same. That is no window to a 3D world (like a real window is), but a window to a 2D world.

Even so, today’s virtual worlds are the precursors of what is still to come. In a next step the screen (or actually the experience projected on the screen) really does react to our behavior. To what we look at, to what emotion we express, to how we move, what we point to and to what we say. More and more realistically the virtual worlds will open up around us, to provide us with experiences which leave a huge impression. Today’s virtual worlds are mere child’s play compared to that.

Brands too will transform their worlds from 2D to 3D. Today’s websites will look cute, and trigger feelings we now have with the first websites of the nineties. Especially brands with a symbolic function (which carry products we design our own identity with, like cars, fashion, mobile phones, glasses, or accessories) will work hard to establish these worlds. They will become so impressive that you really want to be there. And not just that, you also want to invite your friends to these worlds. And be seen in them. After all, it is part of your identity. These brand worlds will develop quickly over the years to come, and I follow the developments in this area at from day to day.

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