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More delegating

Everything people do cost energy. People strive for optimal use of the available energy. The years have shown that IF people can execute a task faster, this in the end WILL happen. The coffeemaker, the dishwasher, and the dryer are all good examples. But also the pre-cut vegetables are very successful. Sometimes people are so used to doing things a certain way that it takes a generation (or two), but in the end humanity chooses for speed and comfort. You could say people are lazy by nature.

Partly due to the comfort-searching consumer, welfare could rise to the present level. The consumer was willing to pay for services of other people. What if the consumer was still thinking: I will grow my own grain, I will bake my own bread, I will build my own home. Then organizations who could do this more efficient would never have had a chance to develop. By leaving certain tasks to other people, people could develop themselves, and focus on their own personal qualities. Usually an individual enjoys the things he or she is good at much more. Thus there were chances for companies which took over tasks from consumers. In this light, the lazy consumer is a blessing for society.

In the future still everything that can save time will be welcome. Banking through internet, home shopping or booking a flight. It is quicker and simpler from the computer at home, which makes it successful. As products and services are getting better, and the incomes of consumers rise, the perception of risk for decisions decreases. The past has shown us that consumers love to adapt possibilities for new time savings. All tasks that can more or less be done automatically, including decisions on purchasing goods, service, or media, the consumer wants to contract out. A new type of brands offering a new type of service, I call them coaching brands, anticipate this need. They offer services for the consumer to make more time for the things he or she is better at, and often likes a lot more too. That trend is totally clear.

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