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More freedom

Humans are looking for freedom. They did that in prehistoric times, they do that today, and they will do that in the future. Humans in fact are animals living of water, plants, and other animals. In the eternal search for food, the hunters went out of their living area to hunt for animals. Those hunters who discovered new areas and new food sources were most successful. People who had the strongest   exploration drive survived. Always on the lookout for something new, always trying to find new areas. Throughout the evolution the wish for freedom and exploration has sunken deep into the genes. Not surprisingly, many cultures highly value freedom.

To help man exploring the world we continuously develop new products. This started very early. In prehistoric times, people wanted to explore areas on earth that would normally be too cold to live. Clothing helped here. We invented the wheel, which helped us (having) transport goods and ourselves. The car, the train, and the bike: all products to make it ourselves easier to explore the world. While the map has been a very handy tool for years, it is now replaced by the navigation system. As a result the next generation won’t be able to read a map! And even the electric wheelchair shows that the enormous drive for independent exploration is not bound to any age. This drive for freedom is not restricted to earth. Who doesn’t dream of a journey into space? And thus one trend is very clear: people want freedom and independence.

In the future this trend will continue. We will be able to travel further, more often. All barriers will disappear. In about thirty years we will be able to communicate in our own language with anybody we meet. A virtual translator directly translates it (this is already possible for very simple sentences, but the developments in this technology are very slow). We will understand nature, and the way we are supposed to treat nature, through a virtual biologist who will assist us in this. Because of that, we dare to travel to places we would never even have thought of going to before. And we will also be extensively informed about the norms, values, and habits in foreign cultures. Most people today are scared of new, strange environments. They see TV documentaries of fellow countrymen making mistakes in foreign countries, who in the worst case are severely punished. These fears will be taken away in the years to come.

Traveling used to be just for the rich. For scientists, artists, and nobles. Today and in the future this freedom will be available for everyone. For all 6.6 billion people on earth. An unstoppable trend.

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