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More involved

The enormous need for social involvement is one of the most important behavioral characteristics of humans. We are a social species and like to be informed of everything that is going on in our personal surroundings. Not surprisingly, when we come home we often ask: ‘is there any news (about…)?’

In the early days, travelers brought the ‘news’ about what happened somewhere else. They brought it from city to city. Within the city there were some people who almost always knew the news first, and who had an important role in spreading the news. Ordinary people thus were dependent upon certain individuals. The development of newspapers therefore filled a need at that time. The speed of radio news, and the visualization through TV news were a very welcome continuation.

Today we have a totally different situation. We have access to all news ourselves. We even get so much, that we get tired of making choices. We would love to know everything, but that is impossible. New initiatives anticipate by having people item by item tell them (by tagging) what they think is important. But this requires activity (actively clicking), and the idea was to just get a quick update (get an answer to the question: ‘is there any news?’).

In the future the involved man will be served totally different. Coaching news brands will look at what your trusted relations (your friends, your family, or your colleagues) have read, heard, or seen. And: what those relations have gone through! Because that might be important news for you. Personal news brands keep you informed through text, image and sound through all possible displays, speakers, or projections available to you at that very moment. And they update you starting just after the last moment you were in contact. So you are completely up-to-date when you talk to the people who are important to you, and you don’t have the feeling you have missed something. People after all are most involved in their own little circle, and new companies will help them make choices out of all information in the world.

Besides everybody (worldwide!) will be a news watcher. Anyone can be a coincidental witness of a natural disaster, an attack, or another special occasion. Through their own personal news brands everybody will be able to watch it live through the mobile phone of ordinary people who just happened to be there. This image is combined with other live images so that we will even be able to watch it 3D. Thus everybody is a news maker, news reporter, and news consumer. Thus everybody again has a role in spreading the news. Just like in the early days. Only totally different.

People will get more involved than ever before. Now assisted by a new type of brands which make the news about all changes in the world easier to digest. And as people (can) know everything, they can react much earlier and will start doing that more often and more intensive. The involvement of citizens in their country, of consumers in a product, of concerned nature lovers in the environment grows even bigger this way. That trend is very clear.

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